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About New Dawn Counselling & Psychotherapy

New Dawn Counselling and Psychotherapy is a counselling firm that provides high quality, all-inclusive Counseling and Psychotherapy services. It consists of a team of professional counselors trained to deal with different emotional and psychosocial aspects of an individual’s life.

Our Counselling Services

1. Workplace Counselling

5. Family Counselling

9. Substance Abuse Counselling

2. Stress Management and Depression

6. Anger Management

10. Career Guidance Counselling

3. Trauma and Grief Counselling

7. Mental Health

11. Financial Management

4. Relationship/Marriage Counselling

8. Low Self-esteem and Confidence Issues

12. Children & Adolescents Counselling

Frequently Asked Questions

We are located in Bukoto, Plot 105 ESTATE BUKOTO, LUTAYA DRIVE
1. Individual Counselling 2. Group Counselling 3. Couple Counselling
CORE VALUES The core values for New Dawn are; - Confidentiality - Respect - Compassion - Integrity - Commitment - Non-Judgemental

Located in the heart of Kampala city, New Dawn Counselling & Psychotherapy services counselling services which will enable employees work efficiently and effectively leading to increased self-motivation and organizational productivity.

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