“What feels like the end, is often a new beginning”



About New Dawn Conselling & Psychotherapy

New Dawn Counselling and Psychotherapy as the name suggests is a counselling firm that provides high quality, all-inclusive Counseling and Psychotherapy services. It consists of a team of professional counselors trained to deal with different emotional and psycho-social aspects of an individual’s life.

With the counselling and guidance provided by New Dawn in resolving personal and professional matters, individuals personal and psycho-social wellness will inevitably improve and enable your organization reach maximum potential.


Counselling is a process of talking about and working through personal problems between a counselling professional and their client. The counsellor helps the client clarify issues; explore options; and develop strategies for what the client may be struggling with at the time. The process of counselling has the end goal of increasing one’s self-awareness (the conscious knowledge of ones own character and feelings); and facilitating behavior change and personal development.

At the end of the counselling process the individual should be able to understand and accept themselves and therefore be more satisfied with his or her life; understand their emotions; clear any doubts they have had about an issue; be able to resolve conflicts in their lives and bring about voluntary change which enable the achieve their life goals.

New Dawn provides counselling for various life challenges including;

  1. Workplace Counselling
  2. Stress Management and Depression
  3. Trauma and Grief Counselling
  4. Relationship/Marriage/Divorce Counselling
  5. Family Counselling
  6. Anger Management
  7. Mental Health
  8. Low Self-esteem and Confidence Issues
  9. Substance Abuse Counselling
  10. Career Guidance Counselling
  11. Financial Management
  12. Children & Adolescents Counselling

New Dawn Organization Background

To help individuals work through life’s challenges by equipping them with positive coping mechanisms and life skills through counselling and training.
To achieve a stress-less world
The core values for New Dawn are; Confidentiality Respect Compassion Integrity Commitment Non-Judgmental